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Our guests

Symbol of French fashion, the SAINT JAMES style has been reinvented through many collaborations. They have become a genuine way to share know-how and values with brands and designers.
What is a collaboration ?

A collaboration is the association of two brands on a common project, a product or even a capsule collection. It comes from a joint will to learn from each other and share universes. A collaboration is about values, codes, inspirations brought together to create a new, sparkling world, made from the best of both.

Why collaborate ?

For a successful collaboration, finding matching universes that can complete each other is fundamental. When we invite brands or designers to share our universe, it is first about discovering a know-how, a creativity for us to explore, and offer ours in return. In the end, a collaboration is a way to learn from others and develop unique products.

They shared our universe
Collaborations that last


When a Norman knitter meets a Savoy fabric manufacturer.
We share with Arpin the love of materials, meticulousness in work, and of course, the EPV label. Each season, new creations enrich this lovely collaboration, which combines our iconic knitted wool with Arpin's unparalleled woolen cloth.

Atelier Tuffery

Two EPV (Living Heritage Company) businesses coming together and sharing their expertise, what could be more logical? Atelier Tuffery, a French jeans manufacturer in the Cévennes, was a natural choice for SAINT JAMES: a century-old expertise, a strong local presence, a commitment to excellence... From this union emerged a collaboration that was obvious and refined, incorporating the classics of both brands.

Unique collaborations

Sami Nouri

SAINT JAMES and Sami Nouri successfully managed to bring together two different styles. For Sami Nouri, this collaboration is a way to shine a new light on his talent. For us, it is the opportunity to help a younger designer once again, and offer original designs. Sami Nouri managed to bring together our DNA with his universe and background : the barbed wire, symbol of his childhood and departure for Europe, mixes with our traditional stripes, for a unique style.

Etienne Daho

As he was proudly sporting a SAINT JAMES Breton shirt on the cover of the album "La notte, la notte," collaborating with Etienne Daho seemed like a natural fit. His understated, elegant, and rock-inspired style, always effective, appeared to be the perfect companion to our classic maritime wardrobe, offering timeless, modern, and subtly rockab' pieces. A collaboration infused with sharing, inspiration, and music, with each piece bearing the name of an Etienne Daho song.

Atypical matches


July 2020 : we receive the OLOW team in our Ateliers, with Simon Landrein, illustrator. This is the encounter of a quirky, artistic world and French craft and know-how. The artist exhibits his mural inspired by the collection in front of the knitters. A unique match for a unique collection !


"Hello, I'm Orelsan and I would like to work with you..." These are the first words Aurélien Cotentin said to Luc Lesénécal. "Orel... who ?" did he think. One thing leading to another, our president decides to meet the singer from Normandy. The 30-minutes meeting turned into a 3 hours talk. The story goes that after that, Luc Lesénécal had still no idea of who Aurélien Cotentin was, but wanted to work with him. He will only know about him a few weeks later, between Paris & New-York, whil reading GQ Magazine. The collaboration gave borth to an atypical collection, reinventing our iconic designs and adding an urban twist to our 130 year-old legacy.

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