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Collection SAINT JAMES l'Atelier

The SAINT JAMES l'Atelier collection is the core of our brand. Breton knits in pure virgin woll, striped shirts and pea jackets compose this line, built around our most iconic pieces, cornerstones of our reputation in France and abroad.
SAINT JAMES l’Atelier, timeless fashion inspired by the sea

Each piece of the Atelier collection is part of SAINT JAMES’ history. A rich history shaped by the sea, creating pieces that managed to adapt to trends without compromising their timeless style.

The Breton striped shirt is the best example to illustrate a piece that went through time and evolved but kept its character. In 1858, it is used by the French Navy as a uniform for sailors ; during the 20th century, holidaymakers turned it into the symbol of summer holidays by the sea.

It has been transformed, rethought and redesigned by many fashion designers, including Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld. Celebrities such as Marylin Monroe, Picasso or John Wayne fell in love with its stripes and helped it gain an international reputation.

Today, we work with a cotton slightly different, softer and smoother, more comfortable to wear than the one used in the 19th century. However, the Breton striped shirt has always kept its character and iconic white and blues tripes, even though you can now find them in many colours.

This is the core value of the Atelier collection : pass on through times and generations the marine look thanks to iconic pieces, landmarks of SAINT JAMES.

The iconic from the Atelier collection

The timeless pieces from the Atelier collection are based on a rare, precious and demanding human know-how, but also on high quality raw material.
The famous Fisherman sweater, coming from the traditional « chandails » worn by Terre-Neuvas on their journey to Canada, has modern lines and colours, that 19th century sailors couldn’t have imagined. The pure virgin wool used is much softer than the one used at the time.
The Fisherman sweater, as the other pieces from the Atelier collection, has moved with the times while remaining faithful to its marine legacy.

Just as iconic, the Galion pea jacket was born in Maghreb in the 15th century. Short and heavy, this coat is characterized by its large collar, inclined pockets and double buttons.

First worn by pirates, it has then be adopted by Europe’s first explorers and has experienced many transformations and adaptations. During the 19th century, the French Navy added it to their uniform with the Breton striped shirt. It was usually worn on top of the shell jacket.

Just like the Breton striped shirt, it has been adopted by celebrities, fashion designers and every day people, turning in into a marine style staple. It represents the casual chic style, legacy and know-hom of Saint James, making it a major piece to feature in our l’Atelier collection.

Hats, scarves and sailor’s caps complement this timeless, authentic collection.

Breton striped shirts
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