Fall-Winter 2021

Men lookbook

Inspiring, soft and warm, the 2021 Fall-Winter collection invites us to explore and travel. It is separated in three themes : Winter Softness, Scandinavian Night and Winter Port.

Each of them carries the traditions and know-how of SAINT JAMES, while adding a touch of modernity. A season full of style, cosiness and promises.


The Winter Softness theme mixes wide and slim fits, pieces with character and some more delicate, timeless and modern style. Shades of green, colourful notes, soft fabrics can be found in this theme, for a harmonious winter.


Scandinavian Night calls for a walk under the winter sun, wrapped up in a wool sweater, wearing a hat to keep you warm. Scandinavian Night mixes plain but yet elegant colours, enhanced by touches of red and orange, for a cosy, modern winter.


Where we come from is part of what we are. Winter Port is a tribute to what makes the core of SAINT JAMES, by reinventing our classic pieces and offer an elegant, modern line, made of generous knitwear, trendy raincoats and iconic Breton sweaters.

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