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Fall-Winter 2022

Men lookbook

Winter at SAINT JAMES will be soft, colourful and stylish this year. Sliptted in three themes, our Fall - Winter 2022 collection owns our iconic codes, shakes and modernizes them, for a season to share.

From the "Ciré" yellow of "Couleur sous la pluie" to the "Emeraude" green of Balades and the "Amiral" blue of "Cap SAINT JAMES", this collection enhances staple colours of our brand, and brings a luminous, joyful touch to them.

Falling for colours

Mid-season jackets, soft knits and rain coats are our best friends this season. A touch of colour under the rain to start the season.

Touches of "Ciré" yellow enhance grey and blue and bring colours into fall. Start the season with surprises and colours.

Sailing away

Revisiting our iconic pieces and playing with our codes, the "Cap SAINT JAMES" theme is just like us : timeless. Its shades of blue are enhanced with "Tulipe" red and "Malte" brown, for a wardrobe to wear all winter long.

The worker jackets and authentic peacoats meet jumpers with innovative prints and knits. Our classic stripes are twisted. Shirts wear softness and velvet.

On the soft side

To end the season nicely, let's get soft. (Re)discover our iconic "Tulipe" red and our iconic "Amiral" blue, along with "Austral" pink, very soft, and "Emeraude" green, vibrant.

The knit is soft and contrasting, shirts wear cosy flannel and our classic sailor jumpers get into wintery colours.

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