Fall-Winter 2021

Women lookbook

This new Fall-Winter collection is made of softness and warmth, style and fun, modern yet cosy colours. A perfect ally for a season filled with promises, audacity, timeless style and comfort.

With Winter Softness, the season is timeless and delicate. The walk is nice and the winter sun is gentle with Scandinavian Night. The sweaters of Winter Port are cosy and generous, inspiring and comforting.


The Winter Softness theme rethinks timeless pieces by matching them with modern elements to create a perfect harmony, enhanced by touches of pink and ecru.


With Scandinavian Night, the walk is nice and the winter sun delicate. Go outside for some fresh air, in a cosy outfit, your wool hat on the head, wraped in a warm coat. Let's travel.


Winter Port is an elegant reinterpretation of SAINT JAMES most iconic pieces. Inspired by nature, true and simple, they compose a timeless line, for an inspiring winter.

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